Prevent officers ask Muslim teen to research ‘Dawah Man’ for them!

prevent officers dawah man muslim teen umrah

When a 16-year-old returns from umrah, Prevent officers question him at school, including asking him to ‘research Dawah Man’ and so they can ‘know more’ about him.

Junaid was 16 years old when he was questioned by two Prevent officers at school, after he went on the minor pilgrimage of Islam (umrah).

Although his absence had been authorised by his school he was called into an office by the headteacher to speak to two Prevent officers upon his return.

The  two Prevent officers, a man and a woman, then questioned Junaid about his beliefs and the trip in front of the headteacher.

His parents were not present nor were they aware of this interrogation.

‘Can you do some research for us on Dawah Man?’

Strangely, one of the questions that the Prevent officers asked Junaid included whether “he knew who ‘Dawah Man’ was”, and “what his (Dawah Man’s) real name was”.

One of the officers had said: “Can you do me a favour and do some research, then let us know more about ‘Dawah Man’?”

The officers also told Junaid that somebody had said that he had said he wanted to “grow a beard and look like a terrorist”. But Junaid said he had never said such a thing.

Junaid was also asked why he went on umrah, and whether it had been his idea to go.

Prevent officers claim ‘dodgy tour operators’

When Junaid’s parents complained and asked why Junaid had been approached and questioned in this way at school, the Prevent officers claimed that “there are many dodgy tour operators” hence their “concern” about Junaid.

The school assured Junaid’s parents that he was not interrogated, and that the Prevent officers just wanted to have a “chat” with him.

They have not heard anything further from Prevent.

Photo by ekrem osmanoglu on Unsplash.


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