About Us

Prevent Watch is an independent, community-led initiative which supports people impacted by Prevent. 

We support clients and build confidence in communities by supplying people with the tools they require to challenge Prevent and the environment of fear that it has created. 

Established in September 2015, Prevent Watch has supported over 600 individuals to date. We remain the only organisation focused on the Prevent duty. 

You can learn more about the Prevent duty here.

Our Services

We provide a FREE help line and support services for people impacted by Prevent. 

Our cases inform reports and briefing papers by us and other NGOs.  

If our case study subjects agree, we use their voices to inform media material. 

We maintain a directory of lawyers to support cases so rights are protected. 

Our Impact

Over 6000 individuals are targeted by Prevent annually. Of these, more than half are children under 15. At Prevent Watch, 70% of our cases involve children. 

80% of these child clients come from the education sector, making the securitisation of schools and educational discourse a core concern of our advocacy. 

Our free helpline receives between 15-20 calls per month, depending on the political context at any given time.  

Of these calls, most are from people who think they may have encountered Prevent but are not sure. This is because Prevent is opaque and untransparent, which is part of its function. 

Of our calls that develop into cases, most of them involve 

We use all our cases as evidence of the harms of Prevent, but only with the permission of our clients. We always protect their identities.  

Our cases are cited by organisations and read by key figures, and we maintain a constant dialogue with them, identifying emerging trends and providing sources from the frontline against Prevent. 

We are pleased that 95% of individuals who reach out to Prevent Watch fully achieve their desired outcomes. 

People’s Review
of Prevent Launch

Last year, we launched the People’s Review of Prevent (PROP), an alternative to the review conducted for the government by William Shawcross. Shawcross dismissed criticisms of Prevent, but we provided a voice to those most impacted by Prevent. 

More recently, the authors of the PROP responded directly to Shawcross’s recommendations and the new Prevent duty. 

Our Events

Exclusive dinner 2020

An Exclusive dinner to mark 5 years of providing support services to people impacted by the Prevent Duty.

Exclusive dinner 2021

An Exclusive dinner to mark 6 years of providing support services to people impacted by the Prevent Duty.

Exclusive Update 2022

An exclusive event to update colleagues on the progress of our work, held at Clifford Chance UK HQ.

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