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Some basics you should know:

  • The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 imposes a ‘Prevent duty’ on public sectors to have ‘due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”
  • This duty applies to public sectors workers including: Local Authorities, the NHS and schools among others
  • Prevent is based on identifying signs of ‘extremism’ which is vaguely defined by the Home Office as ”vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs (and) calls for the death of members of our armed forces, whether in this country or overseas”
  • There is however no legal definition of ‘extremism’
  • The concept of ‘radicalisation’ is based on a secretive study from which ‘signs of radicalisation’ are derived and inaccurately applied to the wider population
  •  The recent Home Office statistics show that Prevent overwhelmingly targets the Muslim communities, especially Muslim children and youth, and only serves to create suspect communities
  • Prevent has a large margin of error with over 95% of referrals being false positives and not requiring any further action
  • Our case studies show Prevent is counter productive and has failed as a policy. Subscribe to our Newsletter to keep informed.

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