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False Positives: the Prevent counter-extremism policy in healthcare (report launch) | Medact Calendar

We are excited to be able to invite you to an online launch of our latest report ‘False Positives: the Prevent counter-extremism policy in healthcare’. This report brings together new research that seeks to shed light on the implications of the Prevent duty in UK health services. Prevent is a controversial strand of the government’s […] Source: False Positives: the Prevent counter-extremism policy in healthcare (report launch) | Medact Calendar

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Bridge Initiative FACTSHEET: PREVENT

IMPACT: The United Kingdom’s Prevent policy aims to prevent vulnerable individuals from becoming terrorists. The policy relies on the unfounded claim that ideology is the main driver of terrorism. Critics have noted that the policy effectively renders all Muslims potential criminals and a U.N. expert has called for the policy to be abandoned. Read More

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Separating Families: How PREVENT Seeks the Removal of Children

Now, for the first time, CAGE is offering documentation that the removal of children, and the attempted removal of children, is taking place in the family courts of the United Kingdom. It is being done using an unreliable and highly subjective method of measuring “extremism” and “radicalisation”, themselves subjective terms that have not been adequately defined. Read more  

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End of Mission Statement of the Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance at the Conclusion of Her Mission to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

To my knowledge, there has been no evidence that Prevent actually prevents extremism, or that link between extremism and terrorism is empirically sound. My understanding is that no government review of or findings regarding the human rights impact of Prevent has been made public, and that no government review of or findings regarding the impact of Prevent on racial equality in the UK has ever been public. This state of affairs in untenable given the widespread evidence that widespread enforcement of the Prevent duty is fueling distrust among racial and ethnic minority communities, especially those who are Muslim. This distrust is of public institutions such as hospitals, schools, universities and even police, through which the work of national integration should otherwise be achieved. Formal integration policy risks being no match for the “dis-integration” and political and social exclusion currently being achieved, at the behest of the Government, through the robust […]


Counter-terrorism in the NHS – University of Warwick

NHS Prevent referrals: On a home visit to a family, a healthcare professional noticed a child sitting in front of an Arabic televised news channel. There were also Arabic reading materials lying around. The family were reported to social care as a potential case of radicalisation. The case did not reach Channel. A Prevent referral where ‘an Asian man’ was reported to the safeguarding team for discussing his future trip to Saudi Arabia. This had been interpreted by another healthcare professional as a cause for concern, rather than a trip to participate in the Hajj pilgrimage. An emergency department referred ‘an Asian man’ directly to the Police for arriving with burned hands, but not explaining how his hands became injured. This was interpreted as experimentation with bomb-making. Read the full report here.