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General election on 4 July brings legislative ‘wash-up’, halting key bills

Prime minister Rishi Sunak last week announced a general election on 4 July. It meant that the government had just two days to decide which laws to attempt to rush through the legislative process and which to abandon in the period known as the ‘wash-up’. Lawyers have said that among this legislation is the attempt to ban public bodies from boycotting Israel through the Economic Activity of Public Bodies (Overseas Matters) Bill; this legislation has been lost. The government has also not yet introduced into Parliament the draft Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill, also known as Martyn’s Law, by the time the election was called, so it will also face further delay before it can begin its parliamentary journey. The bill would have placed a statutory duty on those responsible for qualifying events to take proportionate and reasonable measures to improve public safety and protection against the threat of terrorism. The full […]

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Press TV: Michael Gove defines extremism to weaken pro-Palestine activism

A 25-minute interview with Dr Layla Aitlhadj of Prevent Watch and Chris Williamson examines the implications of a redefinition of extremism by Michael Gove, UK Secretary of State. The main theme that emerges is that Mr. Gove appears to be attempting to invite the “divide and rule” tactic of the former British Empire to weaken the pro-Palestine movement. You can listen to the full interview on Press TV. Related… Prevent is Political: No ‘new defintion of extremism’, just a war on ideas (Expert View, 2024)