Prevent Watch

The UK Prevent Strategy: A Bridge Initiative Factsheet

The UK Prevent Strategy is summarised in this quick fact sheet released in March 2019 by the Bridge Initiative, a collaborative initiative to combat Islamophobia at Georgetown University in the United States. The fact sheet states that the Prevent strategy “relies on the unfounded claim that ideology is the main driver of terrorism”. Among the first documents published across the Atlantic to acknowledge the work of Prevent Watch, the fact sheet notes one Prevent Watch case, in which the youngest client the organization has worked with was a three-year-old who was referred to the program for having an “extremist mindset”. It also highlights a 2018 case, when Prevent officers questioned Adam, an eight-year-old Muslim boy without his parents consent, asking if “he knew the Qur’an” and to “recite verses he had memorized from the Qur’an,” amongst other questions regarding his faith. The factsheet is available HERE. Related Resources    

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