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The Guardian: Open letter to Sunak from Amnesty UK condemns ‘crackdown’ on right to protest

amnesty uk open letter sunak extremism

Nearly 50 organisations including Amnesty UK have joined forces to condemn what they call a “crackdown” on the right to protest by the UK government.

In response to Rishi Sunak’s recent remarks on extremism and “mob rule” linked to protesters, Amnesty International UK and 45 others have sent a letter to the prime minister calling for “leadership, not censorship”.

Other signatories include Article 19, Greenpeace UK, Liberty, the Runnymede Trust and Oxfam.

In the open letter, the groups say the recent introduction of a patchwork of new legislation and policing powers has placed “draconian” restrictions on the right to protest in the UK.

The signatories of the letter say that by using terms such as “extremism” and “hate mobs”, ministers and other politicians have sought to demonise an overwhelmingly peaceful movement of individuals concerned by recent loss of life in Gaza.

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