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The Guardian: Budget for Prevent in London to be cut by half in two years

budget for prevent in london

The budget for Prevent in London will be cut by half in two years, contradicting Rishi Sunak’s personal call for a crackdown on radicalisation outside Downing Street less than two weeks ago.

The proposed changes will cut the number of boroughs that receive funding from 22 to seven by April 2025, even though the prime minister promised to “redouble our support for the Prevent programme”.

No borough in south London will receive Home Office funding, despite Sunak’s pledge and heightened concerns from the police and MI5 about the claimed terror threat posed to the UK since the start of the Hamas-Israel war.

The annual Home Office funding for Prevent in London was £6.1m at the time of the general election and £4.5m last year, but is now being slashed to about £2m from April 2025.

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