Muslim News UK: Why the Liberal Democrats want Prevent scrapped

liberal democrats Irina von Wiese prevent duty uk

The United Kingdom has become the victim of a series of dangerous assaults, writes Irina von Wiese, Liberal Democrat Member of the European Parliament, for Muslim News UK:

“I am not talking about terrorist attacks. I am talking about a creeping and almost unnoticed, but no less dangerous, assault on our country’s democratic foundations, the rule of law, the protection of fundamental freedoms, and our reputation around the globe.

From the Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Courts Act 2022, which curtails the right to peaceful protest, to the Illegal Migration Act 2023, which effectively abolishes the right to claim asylum for the vast majority of refugees, the UK has moved further and further from human rights standards in other liberal democracies.

A recent threat by the now-former Home Secretary Suella Braverman to leave the European Convention on Human Rights shows how far the government is prepared to shift on this slippery slope.

Arguably, the starting point was the so-called ‘Prevent Duty’.”

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