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Evening Standard: MET says Gaza conflict ‘raises risk of terror attacks’

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Thanks to the Gaza conflict, London “is facing the risk of attack from a new wave of young extremists”, the MET’s counter-terrorism chief has told the Evening Standard, claiming a “a substantial jump” in Prevent referrals ahead of official statistics due for release soon.

Commander Dominic Murphy said that the fighting between Israel and Hamas had already produced a large jump in tip offs about young Londoners becoming radicalised for the first time, and that police were worried that some might be prompted into terrorist attacks.

As the head of Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command, he added that calls to the police anti-terrorism hotline had already gone “through the roof” because of the heightened tension and that there also been a “substantial jump” in referrals to the government’s deradicalisation scheme Prevent.

Read more on The Evening Standard.


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