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The Independent: Free speech violation as student essays reported to Prevent

In a shocking free speech violation, students have had their university essays investigated by counter-terrorism police and faced questioning by staff under Prevent, reports The Independent. Campaigners and experts warn that free speech is being stifled on campus and trust destroyed because of the “overzealous” Prevent programme, with students and lecturers becoming “suspects and informants”. Freedom of Information requests reveal that academic materials have been flagged in response to the government’s anti-radicalisation strategy – but it is understood that no action has been taken against students. Read more at The Independent Related… What we can expect from Prevent in the new academic year (Expert View, 2023) Higher Education, Prevent and Academic Freedom in the UK (Book Chapter, 2023) The People’s Review of Prevent (Report, 2023)  


CAGE: Tony Blair’s new report is a poor attempt at censoring Muslim voices and dictating Islamic belief

London – A new report by the Tony Blair Institute (TBI) is an academically flawed attempt to remould Islamic belief and silence Muslim voices that challenge repressive state policies. Blair, commonly known for being funded by despots, is now attempting to cast himself as the authority on what is acceptable and unacceptable dissent within the framework of his cash cow, the ‘War on Terror’. The report uses the disbanded Al-Muhajiroun (ALM) as a baseline for “extremist” beliefs, and the authors tar anyone who approximates similar talking points as illegitimate, a superficial guilt-by-association without any actual contextual examination or rigorous academic enquiry. Read more