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Britain’s epidemic of unchallenged anti-Palestinian racism

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British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has much to answer for regarding anti-Palestinian racism, says the Middle East Eye.

Braverman weighed into the Gaza conflict on Sunday by issuing a public warning that there “must be zero tolerance for antisemitism or the glorification of terrorism on the streets of Britain”.

She was right to do so. Even the most fervent supporters of Palestinians must recognise that it is one of the duties of a British home secretary to prevent violence and hatred erupting on British streets – and never more so than when war breaks out in the Middle East, with the passions it engenders on all sides.

More than ever, at times like this there is a need for decency, level-headed thinking and civility.

Unfortunately, the home secretary’s intervention has so far been one-sided.

Over the last 48 hours, Britain has experienced an epidemic of almost unchallenged anti-Palestinian racism and anti-Muslim bigotry – and Braverman has been inexcusably silent.

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