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Palestine uncensored: ‘In a time of monsters, you are the light’ – a teacher’s letter to her students

palestine uncensored teacher letters

As part of a Palestine Uncensored blog series at Verso Books, these two letters by a young teacher, who works in a school in London are addressed to her students and her colleagues – they concern Prevent and censorship.

She has been extremely emotionally dejected by the response of the school’s leadership to the organic solidarity students are showing towards Palestine.

The administration has encouraged teachers at the school, including the author, to report ‘suspicious’ behaviour to Prevent – ostensibly a government anti-terrorism programme – have cancelled non-uniform days to pre-empt students wearing Palestinian flag colours.

They have taken other worrying measures against the students, outlined in the testimonials below. This is indicative of a broader trend of student suppression in the UK that should not go unnoticed.

Read the letters in full at Verso Books.


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