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A ‘Suspect Community’ — Britain’s Muslims and the spectre of fear

I talk to Dr Asim Qureishi, Director of the pressure group CAGE, on the securitisation of the Muslim community and the making of an ‘enemy…

Asim Qureshi is an unlikely activist. He studied law before deciding he would serve the Muslim community by shining a light upon the policies and motivations that have accompanied the post 9/11 security state. The Daily Mail in its usual shrill mode called him a ‘middle-class’ leader of the resistance. Asim speaks with knowledge, precision and eloquence as he explains how the Muslim community is viewed by the state as a ‘suspect community’. In Qureshi’s mind, the agenda that began with Blair has only intensified with the Conservatives, with government steadily increasing their powers and pursuing misguided anti-terror policies that label all Muslims and make them the subject of suspicion.

Source: A ‘Suspect Community’ — Britain’s Muslims and the spectre of fear

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