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Byline Times: Lawyer says Walney’s ‘extreme protest groups’ report is ‘dangerous’

lord walney extreme protest groups report

A report on “extreme protest groups”  is expected to recommend a new category proscribing Just Stop Oil and Palestine Action as “extreme” is an attempt to silence voices the government doesn’t like, and will lead to a further escalation of violence against demonstrators, a leading protestor has suggested, while a lawyer has argued it will make criminal law redundant.

The report by crossbench peer Lord John Walney, the Government’s Independent Advisor on Political Violence and Disruption, will sanction certain protest groups in similar ways to terrorist organisations, and will reportedly target those who routinely use criminal tactics to try and achieve their aims. The move could restrict a group’s ability to fundraise and assemble.

Ahead of the report being published, the Byline Times Podcast spoke with Gail Bradbrook, one of the founders of Extinction Rebellion, who has been found guilty of criminal damage for protesting; and Francesca Katyayani, a senior associate at Hodge, Jones and Allen, which regularly represents protestors in court.

“It does smack of 1930s Germany, some of the enabling powers that have been given to the Home Secretary,” Bradbrook said.

Read the full article on The Byline Times.

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