Byline Times: Netpol report says policing of Palestine ceasefire marches ‘racist and Islamophobic’

netpol report policing ceasfire protests

A Netpol report released yesterday claims that policing of the weekly pro-ceasefire marches across England and Wales has been “confused, racist, and threatening” – and driven by intense media and government pressure, reports Josiah Mortimer at the Byline Times.

The report by the police monitoring group highlights how political furore and demands for tougher action on Palestine protesters has led to chaotic and inconsistent policing, marked by “racial profiling and Islamophobia”. Children as young as 10 were allegedly subjected to police violence.

Netpol’s ‘In Our Millions’ report argues that the pro-Palestine protests since October 7 have faced “unprecedented” levels of police surveillance and harassment, following pressure from media and anti-ceasefire groups.

Eyewitness accounts, arrest figures, and testimony from legal observers paint a grim picture of a police response riddled with racial bias.

Young Black and brown protesters were “frequently targeted” with police using their powers to disperse crowds and demand the removal of face coverings, the report states. (The Met Police has denied the claims).

One London legal observer told the organisation: “Police officers seemed to be deliberately targeting young South Asian and Black young people…What bothered me was that they would always go for the kids,” particularly at the end of larger demonstrations.

They described an incident where a 13-year-old boy was “grabbed out of the crowd while part of a procession going down towards Trafalgar Square.”

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