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In Our Millions: A Netpol report on policing resistance against Israeli genocide in Palestine

The latest Netpol report is built on evidence from numerous witnesses, including protesters, legal observers, and arrestee support volunteers.

Since the start of October 2023, there have been weekly protests around the world calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, an end to the relentless slaughter of Palestinians and a halt on the export of weapons used against civilians by the Israeli government.

In England and Wales, these protests have faced increasingly severe police restrictions, have been vilified as “hate marches” and there have been calls for the outright banning of demonstrations.

Hundreds have been arrested and in some instances, protesters have been accused of antisemitism and “glorifying terrorism”.

Campaigners have been referred to the government’s Prevent strategy, and police officers have followed individuals after protests or turned up without warning at their homes.

“In Our Millions” is named after the rallying cry of demonstrators.

Download or read the report here.


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