The Emergence of ‘Extremism’: Exposing Violent Discourse

The Emergence of ‘Extremism’: Exposing the Violent Discourse and Language of ‘Radicalisation’ by Rob Faure Walker is informed by his own experience with the UK’s Prevent programme while teaching in a Muslim community.

Faure Walker, who is a Senior Researcher in the Corridors of Power project at SOAS, University of London, UK and was a secondary school teacher, explores the linguistic emergence of ‘extremism’ in political discourse and the potentially damaging generative effect of this language.

Taking a new approach which combines critical discourse analysis with critical realism, this book shows how the fear of being labelled as an ‘extremist’ has resulted in counter-terrorism strategies which actually undermine moderating mechanisms in a democracy.

Drawing on the author’s own successful lobbying activities against counter-extremism, this book presents a model for how discourse analysis and critical realism can and should engage with the political and how this will affect meaningful change.

The book is available through Bloomsbury.


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