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No Alternative to Prevent? New essay collection searches for other solutions

A new publication that questions if there is no alternative to Prevent, and which builds upon the original There is No Alternative exhibition (2019), was launched at The Showroom and Claire de Rouen Books on Monday 11 and Saturday 16 October.

The interconnected launch events can be viewed on The Showroom Library.

The publication features a collection of essays questioning the politics of representation of Prevent, and the positioning of care within Prevent given the wider context of the policy.

It features texts by Navine G. Dossos, Rob Faure Walker and Lily Hall, with a foreword by Elvira Dyangani Ose, alongside contributing writers who have engaged in written dialogues, Sadia Habib, Hassan Vawda, Rachel Coldicutt, Tarek Younis, Shezana Hafiz, Azfar Shafi, and William Skeaping.

At the core of the project at The Showroom has been the act of questioning what an alternative to Prevent could look like.

The original TINA exhibition was the first solo commission in the UK by artist Navine G. Dossos, which “combined a performative, durational installation combining live painting, a research archive and a series of workshops, talks, and events open to the public”.

To read more about this project and its contributors, or to purchase the book, please go to The Showroom.


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