Telegraph and Argus: Bradford councillors to discuss misogyny and extremism

misogyny and extremism bradford

Concerns have been raised around misogyny and extremism, and that young people in Bradford are falling under the influence of “misogynistic influencers”.

A report into work by the Prevent strategy in Bradford says the ever-changing online world “has opened up new ways to promote extremism”.

The annual report, discussed by councillors recently, details what is being done to draw people away from extremist views and acknowledges that the strategy is “viewed with suspicion in Bradford by some people”.

Nationally and locally, the Prevent strategy has been viewed as disproportionately targeting the Muslim community.

And last year, some members of Bradford Council’s Corporate Scrutiny Committee called it a “toxic brand” during a meeting.

On Tuesday, members of the same committee will be given an update on the work of the local prevent team in the past year.

It highlights some of the newer threats that vulnerable Bradford people could be influenced by, and points out that there will be extra focus this year on misogyny often peddled on youtube and social media.

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