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Young people’s ‘DIY ideology’ a new UK radicalisation threat

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Britain’s counter-terrorism policy is “stuck in past debates” on Islamism and the far right – when young people today have a “DIY ideology” that poses a different radicalisation risk, experts said on Wednesday.

Zubeda Limbada, a director of anti-extremism charity Connect Futures, said the debate on Prevent was “getting lost in ideology”.

“We’re still stuck in past debates,” she told a panel on Prevent at a Counter Terror Expo in London.

Ghaffar Hussain, who works on community resilience in the London Borough of Newham, said people consuming information in short bursts such as TikTok videos were piecing together what he called “DIY ideologies”.

“The threat has become much more diffuse in recent years,” he said.

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Photo by Trenton Stevens on Unsplash 

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