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Primary school runs counter-extremism data collection survey to children

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A Buxton primary school distributes survey to children in counter-extremism data collection attempt that includes questions focusing on their religious, ethical and political views.

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This incident is specifically as a result of Prevent and the Counter-Terrorism Act 2015, which compelled teachers to adhere to the “duty” under safeguarding policy. 

It provides evidence of Prevent as a counter-extremism data collection mechanism even among children.

Prevent Watch confirms that the survey is anti-Islam and it discriminates against Muslims and their beliefs.

Most concerning is that a primary school feels compelled to question children about their beliefs – and that the survey is overtly targeted at Muslims.

The questions include whether the children “trust the police or people from another religion”.

Moreover, the survey asked, “how do you feel about the following statements”:

  • “It’s never okay to use physical force to solve a problem”
  • “People from a different religion are probably just as good as people from mine”
  • “Religious books are to be understood word for word”
  • “If a student was making fun of my race or religion, I would try to make them stop – even if required hurting them”, and
  • “It is my duty to defend my community from others that may threaten it”

This case illustrates how Prevent securitises education and how it damages crucial trust dynamics in schools by posing such questions to young children.

Photo by Lukas Blazek/Unsplashis

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