Boy referred to Prevent for homework influenced by Marvel cartoons

boy referred to prevent counter-extremism drawing uk

Boy referred to Prevent and invited to Channel “deradicalisation”, after a reflective homework piece featured violence and guns along the lines of Marvel cartoons.

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When the parents of the child were approached, they declined the Prevent referral and Channel deradicalisation because they did not believe that their son displayed any signs of “extremism”.

Rather, the father said AA was interested in guns and fighting due to the Marvel cartoons he watched on television and this may have reflected in his homework.

Channel is voluntary, and hence the parents decided to not give consent to their son going on the programme.

AA’s father mentioned that the social services and a member of the local council visited the family home, trying to persuade the family to place AA on the Channel programme.

There were several attempts made to contact the family, and the father said, “I felt they were trying to force me”.

The family stated that even though the referral did not go further, this incident negatively impacted them.

It should also be recorded that this case of a boy referred to Prevent for drawings by his school occurred before 1 July 2015, when Prevent was not yet a legal duty in education under the concept of ‘promoting British values’.

Photo by Santi Vedrí/Unsplash

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