Preventing Safeguarding: The Prevent strategy and children’s rights

Through a series of publications, CRIN is examining how counter-terrorism measures are impacting children’s rights in the UK.

This first publication considers the impact on children of the Prevent strategy.

This publication critically examines Prevent, placing children’s rights and well-being at the centre of the analysis, and concludes that the policy is failing children.

Prevent infringes on children’s rights, undermines their access to services and – contrary to its careful branding as ‘safeguarding’ – subordinates their welfare to national security priorities.

The subversion of children’s safeguarding mechanisms in favour of counter-terrorism policing and intelligence gathering has also been counterproductive on its own terms.

It is undermining meaningful attempts to stop children from being groomed and recruited by non-state armed groups, and it is creating mistrust.

Read the report here.

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