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Meeting told how Trojan Horse Affair has ‘left a scar’ in Birmingham

The Birmingham Mail reports that although not one MP accepted an invitation to a panel discussion on the fallout of Trojan Horse Affair, the event gave people a safe space to speak about the ‘scars’ it left.

Birmingham’s Trojan Horse affair is ‘not over for us’, with its impact still reverberating through Muslim communities. That was the standout message at a panel discussion into the issue organised by city mosques.

Around 100 Brummies, mostly Muslim, attended the event at the University of Birmingham as part of the ‘Under the Lens’ series of talks examining social issues, organised by mosques across the region. This event was coordinated by the university’s Islamic Society and Chaplaincy.

Despite the organisers’ best efforts, none of the city’s MPs or councilors accepted an invitation to take part.

But that gave panelists the opportunity to air their opinions in what had become by default a safe space – and what emerged were some heartbreaking and hard hitting observations.

One young student told the panel he was worried about appearing to be overtly ‘Muslim’ at school for fear he would be referred to Prevent.

Source: Meeting told Trojan Horse affair has ‘left a scar’ on Muslim communities in Birmingham – Birmingham Live

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