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The Justice Gap: Ministers urged to withdraw Prevent review

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The UK government has been called upon by community leaders, academics and more than 200 civil organisations to withdraw a controversial Prevent review. This comes after the Home Office accepted all 34 recommendations from William Shawcross who concluded that the Prevent Programme should focus on Islamist rather than far right-terrorism. An advisory collection of lawyers and academics looked over the findings and in a counter report found:
  • ‘Implementing Shawcross’s findings means endorsing ideologically led policy with no legal accountability or parliamentary oversight.
  • Implementing Shawcross’s findings means supporting claims about increased threats of Islamic extremism without including data to back up these claims in review.
  • Continuing to implement the Prevent programmes will lead to perpetuating further harms agisnst children and vulnerable adults.
  • The argument that Prevent should focus less on right-wing extremism and more on “Islamist” extremism is explicitly discriminatory.’
‘At least six children are referred to Prevent every school day. Shawcross reinforces the fact that Prevent is not safeguarding yet he fails to take this to its logical conclusion, which is to remove it from schools,’ Dr Aitlhadj said. ‘Not only has Mr Shawcross fulfilled the prediction of over 100 groups that boycotted his review that this was only a political exercise, but his report signals that the “independent review” process is now a means of influence rather than of actual review. This is a subversion of the democratic process and a slide into authoritarianism. As such we call for the Shawcross report to be withdrawn,’ Professor John Holmwood stated. Source: Ministers urged to withdraw review of Prevent – The Justice Gap Related…    

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