Prevent Watch

As a patient of the British health system I felt violated by PREVENT when I should have been cared for

I have ten minutes to see the doctor and it will take all of that and more to discuss my concerns. I tell her I’ve been feeling tired lately. The doctor narrows her eyes at me and says in a condescending tone, then says: ‘You’re wearing a headscarf. I haven’t seen you wearing a headscarf before. How long have you been wearing a headscarf?’

I am shocked. When I object to her line of questioning, she tells me that she was just trying to make pleasant conversation. I calmly tell her that it makes me feel angry when I go to the doctor to discuss my health, and she wants to talk about my religion instead.

She picks up her pen and starts writing, saying out loud: ‘I shall write on your notes “Patient was angry”.’

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