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Anadolu Agency: UK government unveils new counter-terrorism strategy

counter-terrorism strategy

The UK government unveiled a new counter-terrorism strategy on Tuesday, its first revision in five years, which highlights that “those convicted of terrorism or a related offence may continue to pose a threat.”

The strategy, named CONTEST 2023, delineates the government’s approach to addressing terrorist threats or emergencies.

During the announcement of her preventative measures against such attacks, Home Secretary Suella Braverman emphasized that the risk of terrorism in the UK is “constantly evolving and escalating.”

Braverman’s counter-terrorism strategy under CONTEST 2023 recognizes Islamic terrorism as the primary domestic threat, which was responsible for two-thirds of the attacks in 2018. No mention was made of right-wing attacks which have increased since 2018.

The strategy highlights technology as one of the major challenges, particularly the internet, which it identifies as a global security concern.

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