These articles document how Prevent criminalises activism that challenges the state, especially pro-Palestinian, anti-war and climate activism.


“Aaron-gate”: Prevent smears ‘anti-fracking’ activism in post-Manchester Arena report

August 03, 2018

A report on tackling ‘hateful extremism’ has been caught up in a barrage of criticism entirely of its authors’ own making, after smearing anti-fracking campaigners and then admitting it made a “dreadful error”, reports The Network for Police Monitoring.

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In Our Millions: A Netpol report on policing resistance against Israeli genocide in Palestine

The latest Netpol report is built on evidence from numerous witnesses, including protesters, legal observers, and arrestee support volunteers.

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The Guardian: Who are the real extremists? The people challenging injustices or those trying to shut down protest?

It’s not hard to spot the extremists inflaming public passions in Britain and disrupting our lives. They play an active role in politics, and sometimes claim to be running the country, writes George Monbiot.

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Report on exporting Prevent exposes UK complicity in CVE rights abuse in Indonesia

A new report by Rights and Security International entitled Exporting Prevent: The UK government’s complicity in rights-violating counter-extremism programmes in Indonesia is the first of very few studies uncovering CVE rights abuse arising from the cooperation between the UK and foreign governments on preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) projects.

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Prevent and the Pre-Crime State: How unaccountable data sharing is harming a generation

This report by Open Rights Group, supported by Prevent Watch, reveals the extent of unaccountable data sharing through Prevent through real cases and analysing responses to freedom of information requests – and the potential harms of this on a generation of young people.

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Dr Layla Aitlhadj presents to the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies

This presentation by Dr Layla Aitlhadj was recorded as part of a joint event organised by BRISMES and the Critical Studies on Terrorism BISA working group entitled “Terrorism, counter-terrorism, and the permissibility of violence”.

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‘Scrap’ Prevent, says Amnesty report ‘This is the Thought Police’

A report by Amnesty International, illustrates that Prevent is a dangerously broken system where the vast majority of people reported do not present any threat.