These articles document how Prevent criminalises activism that challenges the state, especially pro-Palestinian, anti-war and climate activism.


“Aaron-gate”: Prevent smears ‘anti-fracking’ activism in post-Manchester Arena report

August 03, 2018

A report on tackling ‘hateful extremism’ has been caught up in a barrage of criticism entirely of its authors’ own making, after smearing anti-fracking campaigners and then admitting it made a “dreadful error”, reports The Network for Police Monitoring.

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‘Scrap’ Prevent, says Amnesty report ‘This is the Thought Police’

A report by Amnesty International, illustrates that Prevent is a dangerously broken system where the vast majority of people reported do not present any threat.

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The People’s Review of Prevent: A Summary of our 2022 Report

This summary is a foundational read for those seeking case-based evidence and academic review of counter-extremism, in the UK or globally.

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The Dinner Table Prejudice: Islamophobia in Contemporary Britain

T report argues that Islamophobia comes in two different types: religious Islamophobia and racial Islamophobia – and each requires a different response.

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British media coverage of Muslims and Islam: A report by the MCB

British media coverage of Muslims and Islam reflects the scale of negative reporting in media in the UK, and offers suggestions for more ethical coverage.

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New report on Henry Jackson Society and others reveal their threat to democracy

 A new report entitled The Henry Jackson Society: The Threat to British Democracy Caused by Security Think Tanks explores the impact that security think tanks are having on societal cohesion in the UK. Authored by authored by Richard McNiel-Wilson (European University Institute), Rob Faure Walker (University College London) and Isobel Ingham-Barrow (University of Exeter), the report highlights links between such groups and the British and international far Right. In doing so, they combine with patterns of divisive and agenda-driven reports based in impoverished methodologies to shape UK policy and political discourse for the worse. Such groups have caused concern amongst numerous equalities, community, and faith groups and are cited as enabling and encouraging Islamophobia and racism, facilitating far-Right mobilisation, and pushing successive UK governments towards policy positions that damage societal cohesion. You can read the full report here: The_Threat_to_British-Democracy.pdf


Islamophobia in Scotland: A report by the Cross-Party Group on Tackling Islamophobia

The issue of Islamophobia in Scotland, prompted the CPG on Tackling Islamophobia to organise an inquiry, which resulted in this report.