SuperSisters employee resigns and recruit turns down job because of website’s links to counter-extremism strategy

A Muslim online lifestyle platform targeting British teenagers is discreetly funded by the Home Office’s counter-extremism programme, the Observer has learned.

The revelation about funding of the project has led to a row between its owners, a former Muslim employee and its Muslim audience.

SuperSisters was built in 2015 by J-Go Media, a company of nine staff members from east London that describes itself as “a not-for-profit community group” and has two decades of experience of engaging with Muslim communities in East London. SuperSisters is promoted as a “global platform for young Muslimahs in east London to share and create inspiring and empowering content”.

Source: “We acknowledge we went wrong”: Lifestyle website for Muslim teens admits it should have been clearer about Home Office funding | UK news | The Guardian