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Middle East Eye: The Trojan Horse Affair explained

trojan horse affair middle east eye

In 2013, an letter triggered the Trojan Horse Affair, when it was sent to local officials in Birmingham purporting to expose a conspiracy by “Islamists” to “take over schools” there.

The letter purported to be evidence of a “Trojan Horse” plot to introduce conservative Islamic rules and indoctrinate students in anti-western, fundamentalist ideologies at a number of schools in predominantly Muslim areas of Birmingham.

The exposure of the letter sparked a firestorm in the British media and political circles, which led to dismissals, investigations, accusations of Islamophobia, changes to counter-terrorism policy, and scare stories about the threat to secular education in the UK.

There was just one problem: the letter was almost certainly a fake. Neither the author of the letter nor the person who passed it on anonymously to Birmingham city officials has ever been identified.

Now a mammoth podcast series from the New York Times and Serial Productions is set to investigate the source of the letter and examine its impact on community cohesion and Islamophobic sentiment in the UK.

The Trojan Horse Affair, a New York Times hosted by Brian Reed and Hamza Syed, and set to be launched on Thursday, promises to shed new light on the saga and determine, according to a press release issued ahead of the series, whether “an entire country has been duped”.

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