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The Socialist Party: Gove’s definition of extremism attempts to whip up division

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Conservative communities secretary Michael Gove’s announcement of a ‘new definition of extremism’ is preceded by a report, commissioned by the government, which included socialism and anti-fascism as potential signs of ‘radicalisation’.

This move comes off the back of a mass anti-war movement, calling for a ceasefire in the Israel’s Gaza offensive over the past five months.

The capitalist establishment also faced a humiliating by-election defeat to George Galloway in Rochdale, who ran on an anti-war and anti-austerity platform, and was subsequently denounced by Rishi Sunak outside Number 10.

The government’s new definition stipulates that extremism is an attempt to undermine liberal parliamentary democracy, people’s human rights, or creating conditions for the advocacy of them.

The announcement sparked criticism within the Conservative Party, as the former Home Office minister Robert Jenrick commented: “Those people who are simply expressing contrarian views… might find this definition used against them”.

But outcry from Tory backbenchers and the Labour Party about civil liberties rings hollow. After all, it was Labour that introduced draconian anti-terror legislation, including the highly controversial Prevent programme.

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