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The PROP Expert View: Six spectacular takeaways from Prevent Watch’s 5Pillars podcast

People's Review of Prevent 2022

Get the latest expert views from Prevent Watch’s senior caseworker and co-author of the PROP, including:

  1. There’s no evidence to prove Prevent’s “success” and we know it doesn’t work
  2. The UK criminal justice system is robust enough to handle political violence
  3. Some examples of why Prevent is a way to police belief
  4. Prevent is secular aggression to draw Muslims away from Islamic belief and behaviour
  5. Prevent’s new disguises and how to speak out
  6. We do not need Prevent; we only need sound knowledge

Or you can view the full 5 Pillars podcast here.

Source: 6 spectacular takeaways from prevent watch’s 5pillars podcast – The People Review of Prevent

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