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The Prevent policy in the UK’s love-hate with the far-right

The claim to target the far-right was a red herring to bring Muslims on board with the Prevent policy in the UK. Now, the government is saying that to target the far-right would be to police “mainstream” views shared by many in government. What is going on?

We discussed this with Surviving Society as part of their Legacies of the War on Terror podcast series. Our podcast included why the long-delayed William Shawcross Review of Prevent will recommend more focus on the Muslim community, despite recommendations from counter terrorism experts to keep focus on the “far-right” and “incels”.

We also talked about some of the the far-right cases that we have seen at Prevent Watch among children, and how they could have been dealt with differently, avoiding trauma to children and families.

The positioning of the far-right as part of “defending British values” is quite clearly supported by people like Robin Simcox, recently appointed as the Commissioner for Countering Extremism despite his links to the US far-right.

Source: PROP Expert View: How prevent facilitates the far-right – The People Review of Prevent

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