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The Parekh Report: The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain

The Parekh Report published its findings and recommendations in October 2000, after two years of deliberation by a Commission established by the Runnymede Trust in 1997 to consider the political and cultural implications of the changing diversity of British people. The Commission set up five task forces to specialise in each of the following areas: democratic institutions, culture, families, employment, and safety and justice. It’s purpose was to analyse the current state of multi-ethnic Britain and propose ways of countering racial discrimination and disadvantage. The commission, chaired by Lord Bhikhu Parekh, was made up of 23 distinguished individuals drawn from many community backgrounds and different walks of life, and with a long record of active academic and practical engagement with race-related issues in Britain and elsewhere. The Parekh Report is available in book format HERE. A summary of the report and it’s recommendations is available HERE. Related resources

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