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The Guardian: William Shawcross says public left ‘at risk’ over Prevent

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William Shawcross, the author of a controversial review of Britain’s counter-terrorism strategy, claims the public have been left “at risk” because many of his key recommendations have been ignored by the Home Office.

In a heavily criticised review of Prevent for the Home Office last year, William Shawcross concluded that it had concentrated too much on the far-right and not enough on Islamist extremism.

Shawcross told the BBC on Wednesday that Prevent was failing to identify “terrorist sympathisers” and that there was an increased risk in the UK due to the war in Gaza.

Shawcross was previously accused of failing to do the job properly after it was revealed he had attended only six of the review panels charged with examining only the more extreme cases identified by Prevent.

Ministers published a progress report on Tuesday, on the anniversary of the publication of Shawcross’s review, and said they had “brought Prevent back to its core mission”.

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