Ministers and the police must do the right thing and tell people if they are on this database, what information is stored and how this is or will be used.

The human rights group, Liberty, has just revealed that the Government is operating a secret database of every referral ever made to the anti-radicalisation programme, Prevent.

We uncovered this database through freedom of information requests – and what we found is disturbing for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was built by the police and contains information that is stored and shared without people’s knowledge or consent, which disproves the Government’s recent claim that Prevent is a safeguarding policy.

Many of those on the database haven’t actually done anything wrong – they are reported to Prevent because of what they’re perceived to think or believe. In fact, less than one out of 10 referrals to Prevent have resulted in deradicalisation action.


Source: The Government’s Prevent database doesn’t keep us safe, it’s control | Metro News