Terror and the Dynamism of Islamophobia in 21st Century Britain

Terror and the Dynamism of Islamophobia in 21st Century Britain is a 700-page treatise on anti-Muslim sentiment from the lens of post-colonial studies, situating the sentiment within wider racial politics and theory, and drawing connections to anti-Semitism, anti-blackness, anti-Irishness and “whiteness”. Published by Pelgrave in August 2021, the book provides powerful insights into the dynamics, nature, and experiences of the terrors of counter-terrorism measures in the UK. Author Melanie Abbas links her analysis to wider concerns of:
  • nation construction and belonging;
  • racial profiling and policing;
  • the state of exception and pre-emptive counter-terrorism measures;
  • community-based counter-terrorism measures; and
  • restrictions to political engagement, freedom of speech and hate speech.
The work is distinct through its advancement of an original framework – the Concentrationary Gothic – to delineate the racialised mechanisms of terror involved in the governance of Muslim populations in the ‘war on terror’ context. The book illuminates the various ways in which Muslims in Britain experience terror through racialised surveillance and policing strategies operating at state, group (inter- and intra-), and individual levels in diverse contexts. This work will be of interest to students and scholars across sociology, criminology, anthropology, terrorism studies, Islamic studies, and critical Muslim studies, researching race and racialisation, security, immigration, nationhood and citizenship. The book is available HERE.
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