St Helens schools are ‘massive’ referrer to Prevent, council hears

st helens schools prevent referrals

St Helens schools are increasingly using Prevent to flag concerns that pupils may be in danger of being radicalised, a council meeting has heard.

This week, local authority Channel coordinator Claire Wright told the People’s Board that the main referrers in St Helens over the last year have been probation services, non-policing and schools.

Ms Wright said: “Over the last year school has been a massive referrer, which then raises the question of possible further training within the local authority.

“Over the year there hasn’t been referrals from adult or children’s safeguarding.

“That’s where we need to push that training, coming from top down rather than bottom up.

“Because we are seeing consistently schools are getting the message and we see they have really good attendance on training we’ve tried to put out.”

Since April 2018, the Prevent agenda in St Helens has been led by Jen Dinsdale, the council’s head of Youth Justice and Young People’s Drug and Alcohol Team.

Ms Dinsdale was invtited to St Helens Town Hall to update the People’s Board on the Prevent agenda in St Helens and told members that low attendances to training sessions have been a “concern”.

She added that there is a particular need to get more social workers and adult and children’s safeguarding officers on board.

Ms Dinsdale, who chairs the Channel panel, said: “I just wanted to reiterate that that is key for me really, that we need to get attendance up and get it really embedded in St Helens.

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