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The Independent: Review of Prevent may be ‘redundant’, campaigners say

Shawcross Review of Prevent nationalist conservatism

The findings of the independent review of Prevent by the government may be “redundant” by the time it is published, four years after being announced, campaigners have said.

Amnesty International UK said there had been no resolution to “criticism from across corners of civil society” over the disproportionate number of children and Muslims referred to Prevent.

A parallel probe launched by groups who boycotted the official review was published in February 2021, called Prevent “ineffective, disproportionate and discriminatory” and called for it to be stopped.

Co-author John Holmwood, a sociology professor at the University of Nottingham, said it was “deeply disturbing” that the official review remained unpublished several months after parts were leaked to the media.

“The lengthy delays to publishing the Shawcross review means there has been speculation about the content and this is unhelpful,” he added.

“The report is three years late and the Home Office is due to publish new statistics on Prevent next month, which could make many of Mr Shawcross’s findings and recommendations redundant.”

Fellow author Dr Layla Aitlhadj said many people referred to Prevent are diverted to social care or mental health, “yet these same services have received huge cuts in the face of austerity”.

“This sets up the dangerous potential for over-reporting of ‘extremism’, when in fact only traditional care is needed,” she added.

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