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Police failed to record race statistics for Prevent in nearly two-thirds of referrals

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Police in England and Wales failed to record the race statistics for Prevent of nearly two-thirds of people referred, despite questions over whether Prevent discriminates against minority ethnic groups.

According to The Guardian, The National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) said details on the race or ethnicity of 33,116 people referred to the scheme over eight years could not be accessed. Recent Home Office figures show that there were 51,204 Prevent referrals from April 2015 to April 2023.

The campaign group Rights & Security International (RSI) submitted freedom of information requests to the Home Office, the NPCC and the Met seeking statistics about the race of people referred to Prevent.

In a reply in December, the ICO said the NPCC had explained that “for the data period sought by the requestor, that is 2015 to 21/04/2023 (the date of the request), there are 33,116 referrals with no ethnicity recorded”.

“Ethnicity is not a mandatory field within the Prevent referral, which means that the ethnicity field within the Prevent case management tracker database can be left blank.”

Sarah St Vincent, the executive director of the RSI, said the police’s failure to record ethnicity meant that no one could properly assess if it discriminated against communities.

Read more in The Guardian.


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