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Islam on Campus: Contested identities and the cultures of higher education in Britain

Islam on Campus (OUP) explores how Islam is represented, perceived and lived within higher education in Britain. Published in October 2020, this is a book about the changing nature of university life, and the place of religion within it.

Recent times have seen higher education increasingly drawn into political discourses that problematize religion in general, and Islam in particular.

Using the largest data set yet collected in the UK (2015–18), this book explores university life and the ways in which ideas about Islam and Muslim identities are produced, experienced, perceived, appropriated, and objectified.

Authors Alison Scott-Baumann, Mathew Guest, Shuruq Naguib, Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, and Aisha Phoenix demonstrate the urgent need to release Islam from its official role as the othered and the feared, so that students can become competent citizens of the world.

The book is available in chapterised, readable form HERE.

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