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New report seeks to answer if PREVENT is compatible with Islamic principles of due process


What is the Islāmic view of PREVENT? In other words, is PREVENT compatible with Islam? This is a question that makes perfect sense to ask once raised and one that a new report seeks to answer.

Since its inception in 2003, there has been little discussion on the validity of PREVENT and interaction with it from an Islāmic perspective.

This is a curious omission, given that PREVENT has been imposed on Muslims for nearly two decades now. Instead of a critical engagement with PREVENT as a policy, Muslims, and especially Islāmic scholars, have been used by PREVENT and “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) programs more broadly, as tools to implement pre-crime counter-extremism.

In fact, scholars have even tried to give PREVENT and CVE legitimacy through a questionable application of theology.

Our report, ‘PREVENT, CVE, and Pre-crime – Through an Islāmic Lens,’ subjects PREVENT to Islām. It seeks to understand the political context, PREVENT definitions, and its logic, before proceeding to scrutinize PREVENT through an Islāmic lens.

Download the full report here.

We hope the complete report is read by respected Islāmic scholars, Muslim PREVENT practitioners, and the general public.

Source: Is PREVENT Compatible With Islam? –

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