Inclusive Britishness: A Multiculturalist Advance

While the definition of Britishness is a matter of debate, and the policy of multiculturalism is said to be in retreat, this article claims that there is, in fact, “a multiculturalist advance”.

It features interviews with MPs, the measures they have introduced, their media contributions, speeches and policy documents, to show that more are committed to multiculturalism than what is presented.

Published in October 2012 in Political Studies, the authors Varun Uberoi and Tariq Modood show that this “advance”raises a range of difficult questions about government approaches to Britishness.

Since the Prevent strategy has introduced a notion of “fundamental British values” (FBV), this article is relevant to discussions about what in fact those FBVs are, and who gets to define them.

The journal article may be accessed HERE.

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