The Big Picture: How Prevent criminalises Muslims

how prevent criminalises muslims mohamed hassan dr layla aitlhadj
Here Dr Layla Aitlhadj speaks to Mohamed Hassan of the Middle East Eye’s The Big Picture podcast about how Prevent criminalises Muslims, especially about the opaque nature of the strategy and how difficult it is to challenge and interrogate for those targeted.
After nearly four years of delay, the independent review into the UK’s counter-terror programme ‘Prevent’ was published.
The review by William Showcross praises Prevent, highlighting instead the need to counter what he calls ‘bad faith’ actors trying to undermine the programme.
In this episode of The Big Picture, Mohamed Hassan sits down with Dr Layla, and speaks about:
  • what Prevent is and how it works
  • cases that demonstrate its harms
  • its considerable layers of opacity which make it difficult to hold to account
  • the Shawcross report and its flaws, conflicts of interest and leaks.

You can listen to the discussion here.


The People’s Review of Prevent: A Response to the Shawcross review

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