British media coverage of Muslims and Islam: A report by the MCB

British media coverage of Muslims and Islam is a reflection of the scale of negative reporting that remains pervasive in the mainstream media in the UK.

One of the most extensive pieces of statistical research done on this subject, this report by the Muslim Council of Britain through their Centre for Media Monitoring, reveals through hundreds of examples gathered through an analysis of over 48,000 online articles and 5,500 broadcast clips.

The findings – which were published in November 2021 – are startling: that almost 60% of online media articles and 47% of television clips about Muslims and/or Islam are negative.

Ten case studies are presented showing Muslims misrepresented, defamed and even libeled in major publications, with damages paid in nine of the cases, alongside public apologies.

The report authors argue that high journalistic standards are crucial for our free media, one that treats Muslims fairly and does not seek to wilfully misrepresent them.

The report also highlights some improvements in the treatment of Muslims by highlighting positive and fair coverage of Muslims in the media.

The report is available in .pdf format HERE. Related resources  

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