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Braverman and Birbalsingh: Revisiting the hard-right Tory ties of the Michaela School

Michaela School suella braverman

In July 2023, Josiah Mortimer and Max Colbert of the Byline Times investigated the financial and ideological links of the Michaela School, to reveal a darling project of the hard right of the Tory party.

It is the doyen of disciplinarians at the Daily Mail and the Telegraph. And no wonder. The Michaela School, often hailed as the “strictest school in Britain,” has good school results so far.

Its “strictest headmistress” has also long had ties to the Conservative Party. At the forefront of this alliance are Katharine Birbalsingh, the school’s founder and principal, and Suella Braverman, now Home Secretary.

The roots of the Birbalsingh-Braverman partnership can be traced back just prior to the inception of the Michaela Community School Trust, in 2011. While most press accounts from the time indicate that the school was Birbalsingh’s idea, the involvement of Braverman from the school’s inception is very clear from Companies House records

Read the full investigation at The Byline Times.


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