CoolnessofHind: The Bloom Review unpacked by a concerned Muslim’s blog

bloom review

The second of a two-part series unpacking the Bloom Review, this incisive and thorough essay by a Concerned Muslim’s blog, explores how Bloom’s differential treatment of Islam and Muslims becomes apparent in his concepts of “faith sensitivity” and “faith literacy”.

The bloggers examine how these terms and the proposals related to them serve as a continuation of the neoconservative assault on Islam and Muslims.

Additionally, they raise concerns regarding the report’s emphasis on “Sikh extremism” while neglecting to address Hindutva fascism, neoconservative hate, and “Christianist extremism”, and they especially address the Sikh community.

The first of this two-part series examined Colin Bloom’s “independent review into how government engages with faith”, revealed how Bloom is tied to organisations marked by anti-Islam fingerprints that lead to the darkest corners of the global Islamophobia industry.

It also highlights the manifestation of this group’s agenda to single out and exert control over Islam without affecting Christianity in the form of authoritarian madrassa proposals that form the fulcrum of the Bloom review.

Source: Unpacking the Bloom Review Part 2- PREVENT as Faith Sensitivity and Literacy | CoolnessofHind


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