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Blogging Theology: Dr Layla Aitlhadj on how UK law silences Muslim and pro-Palestinian voices

dr layla aitlhadj blogging theology paul williams

As a guest of Paul Williams, Dr Layla Aitlhadj speaks about how UK counter-extremism law, in particular the Prevent strategy, is used to silence advocacy for a ceasefire in Palestine.

In this podcast, Paul and Layla speak within the framework of current marches for a ceasefire in Palestine.

They speak in depth about:

  • what the term “extremist” means to the current government
  • the problem of Prevent in education
  • the way in which “extremism” has been agreed upon (prisoner studies)
  • how normative Islamic behaviour has been criminalised by counter-extremism
  • what Prevent Watch does and how to donate.

You can listen to this interesting discussion here.


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