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Muslim Council of Britain calls for independent inquiry into the Trojan Horse Affair

michael gove trojan horse affair

The Middle East Eye reports that The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has called for an independent public inquiry into the Birmingham Trojan Horse Affair, following fresh revelations about the case in a recent New York Times podcast.

The MCB said it warned authorities at the time of the hoax alleging an ‘Islamist plot’ to take over schools, to not be “side tracked by culture wars initiated by divisive commentators”.

It rejected the findings of a government report on the issue.

“This podcast reveals the deep-rooted nature of institutional Islamophobia in the UK. Each episode is a damning indictment of how narratives and tropes were perpetuated to feed a story of moral panic, in which Muslims are centre stage,” Zara Mohammed, secretary general of the MCB, said.

“We call for an independent public inquiry into the Trojan Horse case, and a public apology from those who ignored the truths presented to them.”

Source: Trojan Horse Affair: Muslim Council of Britain calls for independent inquiry | Middle East Eye

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